Public Service Training Center

Services Offered

The Public Service Training Centre develops and executes an annual calendar of training programmes as a means of facilitating the growth of the secretarial, executive, managerial, technical and professional skills of public officers. Hence, the Centre serves as the main location for the delivery of local training for public officers.

The Centre also collaborates with other Ministries and Departments in providing an adequately equipped and conducive environment for conduct of workshops, meetings and other related activities at no rental cost to the Ministry/Department, except in instances where a programme or activity is being funded by a donor agency. Private sector and quasi-governmental institutions are also allowed to book the facility for holding of similar activities. A pre-determined fee is charged for non-governmental entities for rental of the facility and equipment as required. Video-conferencing equipment has been recently installed and is also available at the Public Service Training Centre.

Additionally, the Centre provides computer training facilities which are less frequently in demand in comparison to the workshop/seminar and meeting rooms.

Interested persons may also research relevant catalogues of various universities or learning institutions which are available at the Centre.