Public Service Training Center

Requesting Services

  1. Requests can be made by a client via telephone, electronic mail (E-mail) or letter for the rental of the Public Service Training Centre and will be received by the Senior Clerk or Administrative Officer.
  2. A determination is made of the availability to accommodate the activity and of the availability of space (Meeting/Seminar/Computer Rooms) by checking the diary.
  3. If a suitable room is available and the request has been approved, the client is informed according and/or a response by e-mail, or letter is prepared and dispatched with appropriate guidelines for use of the Centre along with an invoice if fees are applicable, otherwise the applicant is informed that an invoice will be forwarded at the end of the activity.
  4. A booking is made in the diary with a record made of the name and type of function, duration, time of activity, number of persons/participants expected, the contact person, contact number and the room which will be used.
  5. The Administrative Officer or Senior Clerk clarifies with the applicant the arrangement of the room and equipment/training aids required as well as if kitchenette facilities will be needed.
  6. For a request which has not been approved, the client is informed accordingly and/or a formal letter advising that the request has not been approved is prepared and dispatched.
  7. The room is prepared in the standard setting in advance of the activity and the necessary training aids are made available; if an alternative setting is required, the relevant Ministry/Department is responsible for arranging the room. This is done by the PSTC in respect of a client from a statutory organisation or the private sector to which the fees apply.
  8. If there are any changes, postponements or cancellations, the relevant parties will be contacted.
  9. The activity takes place as scheduled.
  10. The Ministry/Department rearranges the room in the standard horseshoe setting as necessary. The rearrangement is done by the staff of the Public Service Training Centre in respect of a paying client.
  11. If this was not done previously, an invoice is forwarded by the Senior Clerk at the end of the activity.
  12. The client pays the funds to the Establishment, Personnel and Training Department.
  13. The Senior Clerk records details of the payment (date of activity, amount paid, receipt number, date of receipt) in a register or otherwise, follows-up on payment.

The Public Service Training Centre Facility Guide (PDF, 598KB) is also available for download.

Contact Details

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