About Us

About Us


The Establishment, Personnel and Training Department (EPTD) is the arm of the Government of Dominica established by law (Section 17 of the Public Service Act Chapter 23:01 (PDF, 751KB) of the 1991 Laws of Dominica) to manage, direct and control the Public Service, subject to Sections 68 and 85 to 90 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The EPTD has, inter alia, to administer or ensure the administration of regulations governing the Public Service and to ensure that efficiency is maintained in the Public Service. The EPTD plays a critical role in the management of the Public and Police Services. It is responsible for maintaining a Classification of Offices in the Public Service and ensuring that this Classification is observed; for keeping under review thepay and allowances payable to public officers and for ensuring that opportunities in the Public Service for promotion are based on merit, ability and integrity. The EPTD ensures that public service obligations are carried out while at the same time providing an acceptable working environment for public officers by treating with public sector representative bodies and/or public officers in respect of classification of offices, grievances, pay and allowances and terms and conditions of employment.

Core Values

The Management and Staff of Establishment, Personnel and Training Department are citizen-focused in the delivery of services to Government, members of the public and every single citizen of Dominica. The overarching goal is to improve service delivery through embracing these under-mentioned core values:
• Respect for democracy
• Impartiality
• Non-partisanship
• Loyalty
• Integrity
• Accountability
• Stewardship and excellence 

 Goals of the Department


  1. To recruit, train and deploy a highly skilled, productive, health and efficient workforce which adapts readily to the changing operational environment 
  2. To strengthen support structures and systems in the Public Service in creating a sound foundation for human resource development practice
  3. To ensure that human resource development in the Public Service is effectively governed in order to promote successful implementation of the Strategic Plan
  4. To align human resource policies and processes with government's priorities


Key Result Areas (KRA)

KRA# 1:      Improved Human Resource Management

KRA# 2:      Public Sector Performance

KRA# 3:      Monitoring and Evaluation

KRA# 4:      Human Resource Resilience