The Establishment, Personnel and Training Department in keeping with the national vision and its mandate to foster an efficient, and professional Public Service sees training as a fundamental pillar in building resilience.  As technology changes, skill requirements also change; climatic and other environmental issues also weigh in on the subject of training and re-training. Public officers must be taught how to work better, smarter and faster.

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Rationale for Training

It is amazing that in a post-modern age people still ask “Why is the development of human resources important”? Even more so, in the Public Service some may wonder why should state resources be expended on the training of public officers?  The answer to both questions is intrinsically linked to human development and human resource development theories which have been very well proven. 

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Benefits of Training to Public Officers

  1. Addresses flaws/skill gaps - Most employees will have some weaknesses in their workplace skills. A training program that is based on a good assessment of the skills gaps will only serve to strengthen competencies;
  2. Improved delivery of customer service;
  3. Reinforcement of safety and operational practices especially in the midst of the current pandemic;
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  1. Refresh the memory and reiterates the strategic goals and objectives at a national, departmental and unit level;
  2. Demonstrates to public officers that they are valued thus increasing individual loyalty to the Public Service;
  3. Eradicates old organizational cultures and fosters and environment for new and better workplace

Training Team


Mrs. Lydia Capitolin-Toussaint

Administrative Officer - PSTC

Ms. Vanessa Joseph

Senior Clerk

Ms. Mellean Angol

Data Entry Clerk

Our Address

Public Service Training Centre (PSTC)

3rd Floor, 42 Kennedy Avenue, Roseau
Tel: (767) 266 5200
Fax: (767) 448 0005
Email: pstc@dominica.gov.dm

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