Service Desk

The ICT Unit’s key clients are the Ministries and Departments of the Government Service. In order to effectively manage the various fault reports from the Ministries, Departments and Units, the Information and Technology Communication Unit (ICTU) has created an ICT Service Desk.

The ICT Service Desk is the central point for requesting assistance and reporting all computing, telephone, email and network based faults.

To assist officers in reporting faults to the ICT Service Desk, the following guidelines are provided:

  1. All faults (computing, telephone, network, email) must be reported to the ICT Service Desk to be entered in the Fault Reports Database. This means, we can monitor progress and ensure all requests for assistance are completed within agreed deadlines. Logging the faults will also help us to monitor and improve the quality of our services.
  2. The officer, who requested the assistance of the technician must sign a Fault Report Form generated by the Fault Reports Database. This is to certify that the job was completed by the technician of the ICTU.
  3. If a computer is looked at and cannot be repaired on site, it will be taken to the ICTU for further diagnosis and repairs.
  4. The technician will endeavour to resolve the fault during the initial site visit, however, if the technician is unable to complete the job within the agreed deadline, a staff on the ICT Service Desk will inform of a new date and time.

The ICTU has also implemented virtual remote support as part of its support services. Depending on the nature of the fault, the technician will remotely assist you.

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