New Entrants (Course Material)

Participants of the New Entrants Course can find course material here:

Course MaterialPosted
Staff Rules and Conditions of Service (PDF, 564KB) 06/09/2012
Structure of the Public Service - 2012 (PDF, 568KB) 06/09/2012
Boosting Your Productivity (PDF, 32KB) 06/09/2012
Triple Your Personal Productivity (PDF, 35KB) 06/09/2012
Customer Service (PDF, 20.3KB) 12/09/2012
Communicating Effectively & Customer Service (PDF, 165KB) 12/09/2012
Professionalism and Work Ethics (PDF, 3.18MB) 17/09/2012
Rules & Regulations Pertaining to the Use of Government Finances (PDF, 281KB) 17/09/2012
Public Relations in Government (PDF, 274KB) 17/09/2012
Secretarial Functions (PDF, 914KB) 09/10/2012
Registration and Fililng (PDF, 661KB) 09/10/2012
Secretarial Functions and Business Etiquette (PDF, 883KB) 02/05/2013

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