Usage Guidelines

Everyone who uses the facilities of the Public Service Training Centre are kindly asked to observe the following guidelines:

  1. Availability of furniture, equipment and training aids should be confirmed prior to events.
  2. Only the room assigned should be used for activity.
  3. As far as possible, advance notice should be given of cancellations.
  4. All equipment and teaching aids in teh Public Service Training Centre must be handled with care. Assistance should be sought when handling unfamiliar equipment.
  5. Eating is not allowed in the Meeting/Workshop/Seminar/Computer Rooms.
  6. Items belonging to the Public Service Training Centre must not be taken out of the building without due permission.
  7. Unauthorised persons are not allowed within the receptionist's work station, at desks and in offices of staff of the centre.
  8. The kichenette should be kept tidy at all times and utensils disposed of.
  9. Disturbances generated by children accompanying course participants are discouraged.
  10. Permission must be sought from the security officer of the Training Centre for use of the telephone which will be restricted to absolute emergencies

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