Public Service Training Centre

Public Service Training CentreThe Public Service Training Centre was commissioned on August 9, 1993 as part of Government’s commitment to the provision of an efficient and innovative public service of which the primary organisational goal is the development of a dynamic organisation capable of responding to the changing national, regional and international environment. Its construction forms part of the Bayfront Development activities using grant funds from the Independence package offered to Dominica by the British Government in 1976.

The Centre serves to provide adequate facilities for delivery of Government’s In-Service Training Programme, thereby, enabling the development of a stable, competent and motivated workforce that actively achieves the mission and vision of the organisation.

Primarily, the centre ensures that opportunities for organisational and individual development are made available on an equitable basis by equipping public officers with the requisite skills, knowledge, attitudes and aptitudes to facilitate improved efficiency, productivity, quality and innovativeness in service delivery.

The Centre, in the design and delivery of its local training programme, gives special consideration to the needs – specific and individual – of the Public Service bearing in mind its financial limitations and other exigencies. The expected outcome of the achievement of these objectives is a well-structured and dynamic public service which will lead the process of change required to achieve national development goals.

Importantly, the Centre provides accommodation to Government Ministries/Departments, Statutory Corporations and private sector entities for the conduction of activities, including seminars, workshops, meetings and conferences on a continuous basis.

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