The objectives of the Reform Management Unit are in line with those of the four thematic areas of the Medium Term Public Sector Reform Strategy:-

    • To develop effective, participative public sector management, policy development and decision making processes and systems including strong political leadership.
    • To define models for service delivery standards, levels, mechanisms and procedures that are effective, efficient, innovative and affordable, and in line with the needs and realistic expectations of the people of Dominica.
    • To develop a high performing, accountable, modern public sector characterised by strategic leadership, highly and appropriately skilled and qualified personnel, within an effective performance management culture and rewards framework.
    • To improve accountability and governance through modernised processes and practices.
    • To provide the required legislative framework to support reform and modernization of the systems and processes and effective management of the public sector.
    • To establish a modern, integrated and comprehensive institutional and regulatory framework for efficient public expenditure and revenue management and economic development.
    • To introduce effective and efficient revenue and expenditure management policies, systems and processes within a nationally agreed Dominica policy framework and development agenda to link the budget cycle to development plans.
    • To strengthen the accountability, audit and review mechanisms to assess and improve economic management performance.
    • To establish an environment that is dynamic, responsive, supportive and conducive to sustainable and diversified private sector (including NGOs) and broader social, cultural and economic development.
    • To seek national consensus on the role and scope of government in relation to the private sector.
    • To develop a national framework of social services and social safety net that are equitable, efficient, effective and affordable, without distorting incentives for economic performance and individual self-sufficiency within the Dominica development agenda.

All requests for services should be directed to the:-

Chief Personnel Officer
Establishment, Personnel & Training Department
Government Headquarters
Commonwealth of Dominica
Telephone: (767) 266-3274/(767) 266-3295
Fax: (767) 448-5044
Email: establishment@dominica.gov.dm

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