Public Service Day


Public Service Day (PSD) is a biennial event in which the performance of current and past public servants is celebrated with a series of activities and events from July and culminates with the award-giving ceremony and special recognition to deserving public servants in December.

Under the auspices of the Establishment, Training and Personnel Department, this year’s Public Service Day will be observed on Friday December 4, 2020. Planned Activities leading up to and culminating on that day includes:

  1. The Official Launch:  Press Conference to be live streamed
  2. Theme Competition:  Public Officers will be invited to submit suggestions for PSD 2020 Theme with the winner receiving a cash award 
    1. Focus of Theme:  Transformation and Modernization of the Public Service, Citizen-Centric Service Delivery
  3. Environmental Project: Tree planting/beautification of Public Buildings across the island (Health centres, Schools, Police Stations, Government Offices etc.) Monthly projects to be undertaken by Ministries and a public service wide activity in December.
  4. T-Shirt Day – T-shirts depicting Public Service logo and theme. These are to be worn every Friday after the Official Press Conference
  5. Public Officers Showcase: Monthly Video features highlighting high performing Public Officers/Units within the various Ministries who are working or have worked to facilitate the implementation of specific Programs. The feature will highlight the people behind the programs and will be a means of publicly recognizing the efforts of Public Officers.

Areas of focus for this year will include:

  1. COVID-19 Frontline Workers: Focus on non-medical staff behind the scenes (health administration)
  2. Education: Focus on Experience of Teaching with Virtual Instruction during COVID-19 (teachers and adult education officers) 
  3. Agriculture: Focus on the exertion of Extension Officers and the PIU in the Implementation of the World Bank Livelihood Project
  4. Forestry: Focus on the staff involved in the tree planting/reforestation programme:
  5. ICT Unit: Focus on innovations related to improvement in Service Delivery and e-Government initiatives
  6. Infrastructure: Focus on engineers, surveyors, and architects behind major infrastructural projects

In keeping with tradition, the highlight of the celebrations is the Awards and Recognition Ceremony on the evening of December 4, 2020 in which public officers who have excelled in their area of expertise will be recognized and awarded for their effort and diligence in the various categories.

  1. Jerry Augustine Award to be awarded to an outstanding Office Attendant/Messenger
  2. Temporary Officer Award – to be awarded to the most outstanding temporary officer
  3. Junior Officer Award – for officers operating from levels I to VII
  4. Middle Manager Award – for officers functioning from levels VIII to XII
  5. Senior Manager Award – for officers operating from levels XIII – XVII
  6. Senior Officer Award – Most outstanding Senior Officer – Level V to VIII
  7. Team Award will be bestowed on an exceptional team operating
  8. Service Delivery Award – for department providing outstanding service delivery (new)
  9. The Chief Personnel Officer Award to an Outstanding Head of Division selected by the Chief Personnel Officer
  10. Minister of the Public Service Award to be awarded to a Ministry/Department for Innovation
  11. Prime Minister’s Public Officer of the Year Award to be awarded to the most outstanding public officer.

Ministries and Departments of Government have been invited  to submit the names of nominees for the various categories of awards.

Visit the Public Service Day Website :