The Establishment, Personnel and Training Department, under the direction of the Chief Personnel Officer, provides a wide range of human resource management and development and facilities management and support services for the Public Service of the Government of Dominica. It provides oversight of the modernisation of the Service in keeping with its changing environment and requirements. The Public Service Act Chapter 23:01 (PDF, 751KB) of the 1991 laws of Dominica establishes and sets out the functions of the EPTD, establishing its authority to manage, direct and control the Public Service, subject to sections 68 and 85 to 90 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Act details specific responsibility for maintaining a classification of offices, treating with public sector representative bodies and/or public officers and administering or ensuring the administration of regulations governing the Public Service.

The primary clients of the EPTD are other Ministries and Departments of the Public Service, whom the EPTD works closely with to ensure that efficiency is maintained in the Public Service. In the exercise and performance of its functions, the Department also works with the Public Service Commission to ensure that opportunities in the Public Service for promotion is based on merit, ability and integrity, and with public sector representative bodies to keep under review the pay and allowances payable to public officers.

Our Values 

The EPTD ascribes wholly to the attributes of good governance as identified by the United Nations which include, among others:

  • An open political system of law which encourages an active and vigilant civil society whose interest are represented within accountable government structures
  • An impartial system of law, criminal justice and public order that uphold fundamental civil and political rights, protects personal security and provides consistent, transparent rules for transactions which are necessary for modern economic and social development
  • A professionally competent and capable and honest public service that operates within an accountable, rule governed framework, and in which the principles of merit and the public interest are paramount
  • The capacity to undertake the sound fiscal planning, expenditure and economic management and system of financial accountability and evaluation of public sector activities.

These attributes define the way the EPTD conducts itself professionally and underpin the values professionalism, productivity and excellence embodied in the 2010 Public Service Day Celebrations Theme. These values express our unwavering convictions on how we conduct our business and how our customers and clients (both internal and external) are treated. Simply expressed, our values influence the way we do our work on a daily basis.

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